Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Fun

Now that Sarah's summer school program is done we have been having some summer fun. We took in the Dickerson Park Zoo with my MOPS table group. We were blessed with an awesome breeze that morning that made a few hours in the zoo bareable in July.

We were also able to enjoy the evening swim time at the Republic Aquatic Center. They have a HUGE pool, two water slides, a zero depth entry splash zone and surfing simulator at the center. The kids took swim lessons there last year but they just weren't too into it. This year, I can't get them out of the water. They both have braved the water slides...and LOVE it.

Mt. Everest Here We Come

Jack's First Grade Royal Ranger patrol was challenged to raise $500 as a group for missions. Each boy was to raise $65 individually towards the goal. The boys were encouraged to be creative in how they raised their monies. If they met or exceeded their goal they would get to participate in a reward activity at the end of the year. Jack earned $45 with a few boys raking leaves in the fall. He wanted to raise the remainder of his goal selling candy bars. We purchased a fund-raising box of candy at Sam's Club and off he went. He ended up selling $50 more to reach $95 towards missions. So, in June Jack and four other boys went to Petra Rock Climbing Gym in Springfield for their reward. The boys had a lot of fun. For some this was a totally new experience. Jack also received a special prize for raising the most...$10 in Andy's Frozen Custard gift certificates. Way to go Jack!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It's the summer of baseball/t-ball for the Lawrence Family. Jack is playing his first year of coach/pitch baseball with the Deer Lake Cardinals. This is his third year with this team and the same group of boys. Sarah is playing her first year of t-ball with the Lady Dragons. Considering she had never played ball before she is doing pretty well. It's fun to watch her play as a lefty. Sometimes she forgets which side of the plate to stand on but she's getting better. Jack is improving in his batting and catching. They won their game last night...Jack got a hit and the coach had him play catcher the entire game. They play for one hour which amounts to about 4-5 innings. We only have a few weeks left of games before the end of the season. Several of our games have been rained out...not a surprise considering how wet June was.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sarah Starts Summer Schoool

Upon our return from Mississippi, Miss Sarah started the Pre-K Summer School at Republic EC. We were able to get her into the afternoon session (11:45am-3:00pm). Her teacher is Miss Laurie. This program is just for the month of June. As we knew she would, Sarah is really enjoying school. Although she wishes she were in the morning session because she is ready to go as soon as she gets out of bed in the morning. And yes, she is the tallest child in her class...but it doesn't seem to bother her.

Driving Miss Daisey

Picture: Laura, Susan, Val & Anna
Picture: Jack, Tannor, Sarah, Logan, Will & Abbey Kate (2nd Cousins)
Picture: Ride on an antique carousel
Picture: Susan, Aunt Mary, David & Laura
Picture: Nora, Mary & John
On Saturday, May 31, myself, the kids and my mom embarked on a road trip to Meridian, Mississippi where her sister Mary lives. After 12 hours of driving (YIKES) we finally arrived. Even though it was a long trip, the kids had fun driving through several new states (Arkansas, Louisianna, and Mississippi).
Mom's brother came from Shreveport, LA to join our little family reunion, as well as, three of my cousins and their families. We stayed 3 days and had fun catching up. We are already planning on where to meet next year.
Todd had to work so he wasn't able to join us. He enjoyed some of the quiet time but he was also glad to see us when we got home.

Royal Rangers Council of Achievement

Jack finished his First Grade Royal Rangers year. He completed all of his work and received his yearly badge...The Wolverine. Here is Jack with Commander Del who, along with his wife Shannon, were the First Grade Ranger Commanders. Jack worked really hard on his advancements this year, which included memorizing the 23rd Psalm. We are very proud of his accomplishments.

Sarah's First T-Ball Game

Sarah has joined her first t-ball team this summer. The Lady Dragons had their first game a few weeks ago. Our "little lefty" has a pretty good swing. Armed with her pink/blue glove, the coach had her play first base. She is the only lefty on the team. She was pretty tired by the time the game was over.